About Unleash

I have been blessed with the opportunity to train athletes of the highest level. Ranging from CrossFit Games athletes and Premier League footballers to Olympic swimmers, UFC athletes and X-Games gold medalists.

I was cursed with injuries as an athlete myself but that sent me down the path of creating my own training philosophy. Unleash Training is built on 15 years of training experience and an ideology based on the fact that our body is designed to move in the most diverse way possible.

My Story

Since I was young, I have always been very interested in exercise and how the human body moves. You could say I’m kind of a movement nerd. My older siblings are both trained masseurs and I remember reading all of their anatomy books as a young kid and memorizing the names of the muscles and how they worked.

I have been playing sports since I was young; football, swimming and track and field. When I was 16 years old, I suffered my first big injury when I tore a cruciate ligament, which forced me to undergo rehabilitation. That sparked my interest in weightlifting and fitness. After returning to my sport, I found that I always had more interest in the preparation and physical side than the sport itself. I had to stop playing sports completely when I broke my cruciate ligament at the age of 21.

After a few turns on the globo-gym ferris wheel I was lucky enough to find CrossFit in 2009. I completely fell for it, reading everything I could find on exercise physiology and the CrossFit Journal. A year later I opened my first CrossFit box and soon after two more followed. In 2012 I competed at the CrossFit Games team event. Today I am a part owner in one CrossFit box.

Because of my history with injuries I always had to train in a different way to most other CrossFit athletes that I competed against or trained with. My focus was on how these movements could be done with as little stress and strain as possible and in the most efficient way for the body. That is how Unleash was born.

In 2012 I competed with a team at the European Regionals where we won the right to compete at the CrossFit Games. In recent years, I have competed in a number of national and international CrossFit tournaments.

Company information:

Unleash Training
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