Our goal is to Unleash your body’s full potential through challenging yet fun workouts – that will leave you a little sore – but still wanting more. It is our sincere hope that you will find the program challenging, interesting and worth your valuable time and money, and of course make you move better and look better.

If you consider yourself an athlete, have an athletic background, or just want to increase your overall work capacity and feel good in your body – then Unleash is for you. Unleash is a training platform that will challenge your body in the ‘right way’, by building on ideology like ‘Quality over Quantity’ and ‘From Core to Extremity’.

Every Unleash athlete starts at Reset U because the whole program is designed to „reset“ your system so to speak, enter the program at the correct pace and prepare for the latter stages of Unleash. 
However – if you did for example the RESET U program 2-3 months ago and feel like you are still on track and ready to start on the RE-BUILD U – then you can go for it.

UNLEASH programs, RESET U, RE-BUILD U, and UNLEASH U are delivered through the TrueCoach app for Clients (App Store and Google Play) and also via email. When you register for these programs we will set you up with an account and send you an invitation within 24-48 hours

Then you continue your fitness journey with us. We offer those who have finished all three cycles to join the TEAM UNLEASH program which is a monthly training platform with built-in cycles, to make sure that your body will not stagnate and keep on getting stronger and more flexible.

Yes you can, but first you have to finish the RESET U – RE-BUILD U and UNLEASH U programs. Then you will be invited to TEAM UNLEASH which is a monthly training program.

Sign up and beginning the program

L/R – Left and right arm/leg
Reps – Repetitions 
BPM – Beats Per minute
AB – Assault Bike
Alt – Alternating between L/R arm/leg
BB – Barbell
BJO – Box Jump Over
BW – Bodyweight
BS – Back Squat
Cals – Calories
C2B – Chest to Bar
DB – Dumbbell
HPSU – Handstand Push Up
KB – Kettlebell
m – Meters
Med Ball – Medicine Ball
NFT – Not For Time – focus on quality
OH – Overhead
PC – Power Clean
PC & Jerk – Power Clean and Jerk
RDL – Romanian Deadlift
S2OH – Shoulder to Overhead
TNG – Touch and Go
TTR – Toes to Rings
TTB – Toes to Bar
UB – Unbroken
WB – Wall Ball

EMOM stands for Every Minute On the Minute, so at the top of each minute, you’ll perform the movement listed and then rest until the top of the next minute. Perform the second movement listed and then rest – and so on, cycling through all the listed movements until the entire time given is complete.

AMRAP stands for As Many Repetitions/Rounds As Possible in a given timeframe. AMRAP 12 min means that you should perform as many reps/round of the given exercises until the 12 min time frame is over.

For example, a back squat with the tempo of 3-2-X-3 would look like this:
3 – Inn 3 seconds slowly squat to full dept
2 – Hold the bottom position for 2 seconds 
X – Explode up as quickly as you can from the bottom position
3 – Stopp at the starting position of the squat for 3 seconds before starting the next repetition

A slash like this is the prescription for male/female athletes. It could be distance, calories, or weight in kilograms. You can lower or add to these numbers depending your level, but remember quality over quantity.

When you see a number next to the same letter, the exercises are to be performed together in sequence. For example:

A1) Back Squat
1 set 6 reps @45% off max
1 set 6 reps @55% off max
1 set 6 reps @65% off max
*rest 120 sec between A1 and A2
A2) Strict Pull-Ups
3 sets x 90% of your MAX strict reps

This means to perform 1 set (round) of 6 reps of Back Squat at 45% of your 1 rep max, rest 120 seconds, then do one set of 90% of your MAX Strict Pull-Ups and rest another 120 seconds. Repeat this sequence two more times for a total of 3 sets.

L/R means that you should perform the exercise on both L=left and R=Right side.
A1) 12 reps L/R Strict KB Press means that you should perform 12 reps of the Strict kettlebell Press on both left and right arm.

UNLEASH programs, RESET U, RE-BUILD U, and UNLEASH U are delivered through the TrueCoach app for Clients (App Store and Google Play) and also via email. When you register for these programs we will set you up with an account and send you an invitation within 24-48 hours

The TrueCoach app

At the bottom of each workout page is a place for comments – there you can add comments or questions. Many people use this box to describe how they felt during and after the workout and what to think about next time for example.

If you have done the exercise before and added text, video, or picture you can click the „Exercise History“ button. There you can see your results, at what date you did the exercise last, and the rep scheme on that date. 

Under each exercise in your program you have a note box that you can enter in result from the exercise. You can add text, pictures, or video to the box. It‘s good to add text like “used 10 kg Dumbells this time, felt good. Could do 12.5 kg next time”

Every day your workout will be emailed to you. It‘s good to know that your TrueCoach account will only be active while your subscription is active. So hang on to those emails if you want to check to workouts later. 
It‘s also good to check tomorrow’s exercise the night before to mentally focus on the upcoming tasks beforehand

Keep in mind your TrueCoach account will only be active while you are an active program participant or ID client, so if you want to save your data you may want to copy it elsewhere. You can hang onto the daily emails if you want to refer back to the workouts.

When you get your invitation to use TrueCoach you can personalize your account by adding information about yourself, like progress picture, your goals and if you have a nutrition goal you can connect My Fitness Pal to TrueCoach. 
Make sure that the time zone and email preferences are correct, you can see them from the website interface of TrueCoach.

Please reach out to your previous coach to have your account deleted at their end.

If you can’t get a hold of your previous coach, or if they are no longer using TrueCoach, send a message to [email protected] with your email address, and they will open your account so your new coach can add you.

There is also the option to create a new one or using a different one.

Unleash Training Tips

Strict Toes to Bar:
Hanging straight leg
Haning knee tucks
Straight legs Sit-ups

Strict Pull Ups:
Banded pull ups
Seated Band Pull Down
Banded Lat pull down

Handstand Walk:
Handstand against wall w/ Shoulder Tap
Feet on Box handstand w/ Shoulder Tap
Bear Crawl
Handstand Push Up

Double Unders:
Lateral Hops over stick or dumbbells
Single Unders x 2 per Double Under
Jump with penguin taps (tap hips twice per jump)
High knees run in place
Butt kickers

Traditional weighlifting bar – lower the weigh weight by 10-15%
Suitcase Deadlift w/Double Kettelbells or Dumbells
Banded Deadlift

If you missed a one or two workouts just pick up where your are. If you missed more than a week, contact us and we will move your days so that you start at the date first missed.

The first rule is always quality over quantity or form before weight. Especially in the first weeks of the program choose a weight that is challenging but at the same time, you feel like you have 10% more to give. Put a note in the results box about what weight you used and what weight you should try next time if you had more in the tank. 
Time under tension and correct form will provide enough stimulus for most athletes and after a few workouts, you will hit your weight numbers more correctly.