The Unleash Training method is designed and based on 4 to 5 week cycles. Different training modalities and different intensity levels so that your body has time to adjust to increased training load and level of difficulty in movements.

UNLEASH-15 week training system

UNLEASH-15 week training system is a collection of our three training programs
(RESET U – RE-BUILD-U and UNLEASH-U) bundled together in a 15 week continuous training system.

Reset U

The first week is a test week to find out what weights you will be working with for the first 4 weeks.

Re-Build U

The first week is a test week to see how much you have improved and also to build the next cycle on.

Unleash U

This cycle ends in a test week has a different format and the goal is to build from the foundation you have created in the last 10 weeks.

UNLEASH – Home Edition

This is our 15 week home edition program. This program is designed in three levels so that everyone can find a level that suits their abilities. An unprecedented program for unprecedented times.

Reset U – Home Edition

This is a home edition of our starter program, RESET U. This program is scaled so you are not reliant on fancy equipment. An unprecedented program for unprecedented times.

I used to do strength and conditioning work with the mindset that I had to, but it was always what I least enjoyed in my training. This all changed when I started working with Unnar, who is not only a highly capable and knowledgeable coach but also someone who really knows how to set the training up so that I am motivated and fired up to do it. This new Unleash platform that he is starting will be a brilliant solution for people who want to enhance their fitness in an enjoyable and purposeful way.

- Gunnar Nelson, UFC welterweight
Gunnar Nelson

A snowboarder working with a strength and conditioning coach might sound insane but its actually the best decision I have ever made.

- Halldór Helgason, professional snowboarder
Halldór Helgason

I had heard about Unnar from other pro athletes and had been interested in seeing what all the fuzz was about. Once we started the work I realised that he had the perfect approach for me. I trained with him the whole of the off season last year and once the league started I was in the best shape I have ever been in my career.

- Aron Gunnarsson, footballer Al-Arabi and the Icelandic National Team
Aron Gunnarsson

I am extremely energetic and I tend to get a little bit ahead of myself when training. It’s great to have professional guidance from someone who really knows what they’re doing. I would definitely struggle more with injuries if it weren’t for the Unleash Training method.

- Kristín Sif Björgvinsdóttir, Boxer and radio host
Kristín Sif Björgvinsdóttir

Focusing on quality and technique when doing strength and conditioning makes me better at my sport. Unleash Training does exactly that.

- Eygló Ósk Gústafsdóttir, Olympic swimmer
Eygló Ósk Gústafsdóttir

I really like the Unleash Training method. The gradual increase in difficulty and weights makes you really feel your own improvement and I love that.

- Birna María Másdóttir, Fitness influencer and TV host
Birna María Másdóttir

About Unleash

I have been blessed with the opportunity to train athletes of the highest level. Ranging from UFC athletes and Premier League footballers to Olympic swimmers, CrossFit Games athletes and X-Games gold medalists.

I was cursed with injuries as an athlete myself but that sent me down the path of creating my own training philosophy. Unleash Training is built on 15 years of training experience and an ideology based on the fact that our body is designed to move in the most diverse way possible. In 2012 I competed at the CrossFit Games team event.

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Our goal is to Unleash your body’s full potential through challenging yet fun workouts – that will leave you a little sore – but still wanting more. It is our sincere hope that you will find the program challenging, interesting and worth your valuable time and money, and of course make you move better and look better.

If you consider yourself an athlete, have an athletic background, or just want to increase your overall work capacity and feel good in your body – then Unleash is for you. Unleash is a training platform that will challenge your body in the ‘right way’, by building on ideology like ‘Quality over Quantity’ and ‘From Core to Extremity’.

Every Unleash athlete starts at Reset U because the whole program is designed to „reset“ your system so to speak, enter the program at the correct pace and prepare for the latter stages of Unleash. 
However – if you did for example the RESET U program 2-3 months ago and feel like you are still on track and ready to start on the RE-BUILD U – then you can go for it.

UNLEASH programs, RESET U, RE-BUILD U, and UNLEASH U are delivered through the TrueCoach app for Clients (App Store and Google Play) and also via email. When you register for these programs we will set you up with an account and send you an invitation within 24-48 hours

Then you continue your fitness journey with us. We offer those who have finished all three cycles to join the TEAM UNLEASH program which is a monthly training platform with built-in cycles, to make sure that your body will not stagnate and keep on getting stronger and more flexible.

Yes you can, but first you have to finish the RESET U – RE-BUILD U and UNLEASH U programs. Then you will be invited to TEAM UNLEASH which is a monthly training program.

How does RESET U - HOME EDITION look like?

RESET U – HOME EDITION is a home edition of our starter program, RESET U. This program is scaled so you are not reliant on fancy equipment. You can choose your level based on your own ability.