Reset U

The first week is a test week to find out what weights you will be working on for the first 4 weeks. After the test week, you will be working with traditional strength exercises such as squats, deadlifts and presses mixed with basic endurance exercises on a bike, rowing machine and running. Great emphasis is placed on flexibility and coordination of the body and after these first 5 weeks you should have built up a foundation for the next phase.


Other products

UNLEASH-15 week training system

UNLEASH-15 week training system is a collection of our three training programs
(RESET U – RE-BUILD-U and UNLEASH-U) bundled together in a 15 week continuous training system.

Re-Build U

The first week is a test week to see how much you have improved and also to build the next cycle on.

Unleash U

This cycle ends in a test week has a different format and the goal is to build from the foundation you have created in the last 10 weeks.

UNLEASH – Home Edition

This is our 15 week home edition program. This program is designed in three levels so that everyone can find a level that suits their abilities. An unprecedented program for unprecedented times.

Reset U – Home Edition

This is a home edition of our starter program, RESET U. This program is scaled so you are not reliant on fancy equipment. An unprecedented program for unprecedented times.