UNLEASH – Home Edition

The UNLEASH – Home Edition is a 15 week-long program set up as a home exercise program where no special exercise equipment is required. The main focus is on core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina, along with priceless information about breathing exercises and all kinds of health-related goodies that you can sink your teeth in.


Other products

UNLEASH-15 week training system

UNLEASH-15 week training system is a collection of our three training programs
(RESET U – RE-BUILD-U and UNLEASH-U) bundled together in a 15 week continuous training system.

Reset U

The first week is a test week to find out what weights you will be working with for the first 4 weeks.

Re-Build U

The first week is a test week to see how much you have improved and also to build the next cycle on.

Unleash U

This cycle ends in a test week has a different format and the goal is to build from the foundation you have created in the last 10 weeks.

Reset U – Home Edition

This is a home edition of our starter program, RESET U. This program is scaled so you are not reliant on fancy equipment. An unprecedented program for unprecedented times.